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FIFA under pressure to ban Vuvuzelas

Article Published: Monday 14 June 2010

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Fifa are said to be under pressure to ban the Vuvuzelas/horn instrument from stadiums after receiving complaints from broadcasters and fans.

Vuvuzela's are providing a noisy, and monotonous, back-drop to matches, and are set to be as memorable at SA2010 as Mexican Waves were at Mexico 1986.

And they have already been blamed for France's poor performance against Uruguay on Friday, skipper Patrice Evra claiming they prevented his side from sleeping in their hotel.

"People start playing them from 6am," he said. "We can't hear one another out on the pitch because of them."

World Cup organiser and Fifa official, Danny Jordaan, believes in more traditional ways of generating noise at grounds, and says vuvuzelas might be prohibited.

"We've tried to get some order," he told CBS Sports.

"We have asked for no vuvuzelas during national anthems or stadium announcements. It's difficult but we're trying to manage the best we can.

"I would prefer singing. It's always been a great generator of a wonderful atmosphere in stadiums and I would try to encourage them to sing."

But a year ago, after similar complaints during the Confederations Cup, Fifa boss Sepp Blatter backed vuvuzelas.

"It is African culture, we are in Africa and we have to allow them to practice their culture as much as they want to," he said

"Vuvuzelas, drums and singing are part of African football culture. It is part of their celebration, it is part of their culture.

"In South Africa, the vuvuzela is the main instrument of self expression, it is just that overseas countries do not use it."


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